What are the advantages of friction welding?
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(1) High quality joints.
Normally, the welding material does not melt and is still in the solid state. The metals in the welding zone are fine and compact grains of forged structure. Compared with fusion welding, friction welded joints do not produce some welding defects and embrittlement phenomena related to melting and solidification.
(2) Extensive process adaptability.
Welded materials have a wide range of adaptability. Besides traditional metal materials, they have good weldability for precipitation hardening superalloys, high strength titanium alloys and ultra-high strength steels with poor weldability, and are especially suitable for welding of dissimilar materials.
(3) The reliability of welding process is high.
Compared with traditional electronic welding, friction welding equipment has the advantages of simple structure, less welding parameters and good controllability, and high degree of automation in welding process.
(4) High precision of welding dimension.
Usually the length tolerance of the weldment is less than (+0.2mm) and the eccentricity is less than 0.2mm.
(5) High production efficiency of friction welding.
Friction welding process is short, usually within a few seconds to tens of seconds, so the production efficiency is very high.
(6) The working environment of the welding machine is clean.
(7) Friction welding can save energy and reduce consumption.


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